Wayne Fearnley — Design in Manchester

Penguin Classics


Project Title: Penguin Classics
Project Type: Print/Publication
Client: Penguin Random House (proposal)

Every year Penguin Random House invite artists to reimagine covers for some of their many classics. Below is some of the covers I have submitted to Penguin for consideration. I aim to graphically communicate the narrative of each book, both visually and experientially.


For this book I wanted to rejuvenate the penguin classic, Anthony Burgess' 'A Clockwork Orange'

This cover derived from an early scene at the writer’s house where lead character ‘Alex’ sexually assaults the writer’s wife. With this in mind, I wanted to use the rip motifs and visuals to emote his violent and criminal nature whilst hinting at the adult themes of the book.

The book itself is wrapped in a sweater like material that traps the book inside, forcing the reader to rip or cut off the sleeve and for one moment, making the reader become the character, immersing them in the narrative. 

Cover design for George Orwell's timeless classic 'Animal Farm'. Based on meat and poultry inspection stamps, the free in 'free range' is almost completely worn off, to communicate the freedom — or lack there of for the farms habitants, as one dictator is replaced with another.