Wayne Fearnley
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MSoA Degree Show

Graphic Design,
Visual Identity +


The identity for the Manchester School of Art's degree show came from one simple concept: 'If every student is different, why is every degree show the same?'How can we as visual communicators convey the uniqueness of every student under one unified system? Simple – If every student is different, every poster is different, every programme is different, every invite is different and so on.

Inspired by classic swiss design and the architecture of our building, we developed a grid system which could be interactable as well as generative. We used processing to implement this design, meaning at the click of a button we could generate an infinite number of designs, each truly unique and numbered.

As well as designing the visual identity we were also tasked with naming the show. As the identity was all about celebrating the unique aspects of every student, we decided to name the exhibition 'This Is Different'. The name works on a variety of levels, most importantly it communicates the concept of this years exhibition and gives a nod to the unique design on every poster. On a much deeper level it also challenges the connotations of what you are expecting to see at a degree show and emphasises MSoA's position as one of the leading art schools who are established enough to challenge these connotations. 'This Is' also works as a prefix for the rest of the identity, easily adaptable for statement pieces, way-finding and student identification.

Project Title: MSoA Degree Show
Project Type: Print/Identity/Exhibition
Client: Manchester School of Art

Awards: D&AD Shortlist