Wayne Fearnley

Fashion Film Society

Graphic Design,
Visual Identity +


The Fashion Film Society is a fortnightly showcase of influential fashion in cinema. The programme covers a broad spectrum of films with a variety of different themes and aesthetics.We designed an abstract device that took influence from the measuring increments on tailors tape and the sprocket holes of a film reel — which combines to form an abstract vertical 'FFS'.

After extensive research, we wanted an identity that felt familiar to it's core audience, yet still look fresh and contemporary. The identity embraces adaptability and consistency, allowing each piece of collateral to feel different without losing control of the series.

We approached this project wanting to celebrate both fashion and cinema simultaneously, both with their own narratives and commonalities.

The identity has been restricted to let the content be at the forefront of all collateral, never mixing colours, but choosing one solid colour paired with black and white to create a minimal yet dynamic aesthetic.

In designing the event posters, we created a structured but flexible system which could easily be adapted depending on the film being shown.Each poster was designed using a strict singular grid, whilst the abstracted bars of the 'FFS' device changes colour and scale to fit around the content. The colour was taken from the prominent colour of each of the films and should never be used with any other colour. The chopping and cropping of the logo and imagery is a nod to the editing process of splicing film cells together.

Project Title: Fashion Film Society
Project Type: Identity/Print
Client: Manchester School of Art

Awards: D&AD Shortlist